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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Winner Winner Winner

Someone who thinks like I do has hit the game right on the nose! However, she did not reveal the correct answer but she was thinking "outside of the box" Which is fabulous! You see I believe you have to think outside of the box and be very creative sometimes. Thus playing games like these helps to activate that side of your brain.
Creativity is the ability to use different modes of thought to generate new and dynamic ideas. (carnevale, Gainer, Meltzer)

So with that being said... Miss Lorus... Please stand up! You are the Winner of a new Embossing Folder of your choice!

This is what Lorus had to say about the game:
"I counted 133 - I counted your name too. After counting all of these (and recounting because of interruptions!) I thought, oh no! this was probably a trick and I was only supposed to count the "i's" in the words "this post" or something! But I guess if so, I'm not the only one who meticulously counted this! ;) "

Congrats Girl! Email me with your addy and which folder you would like to give a home too.

Here is the correct answer:
"how many i's are in this post" refering too :

I hope that everyone had fun playing this game... I don't want to upset anyone.... But I had no fear that you all could count... I just wanted to open your minds to new possibilities... 
I want to give PROPS to all the lovely ladies who took the time to play this game!
Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy ,  goatesgirl , Creative Char
Sandra, Maureen Reiss, Dainty Diva
AShu93, The Cropping Canuck, Lorus!
I am personally saying from the bottom of my Heart:
 THANK YOU! for hangin' out at the CBB and playing my CRAZY games!
 So... now I want to hear your thoughts on this game... should I do more like it? Should I NEVER do another one? Should I try something different? What kind of other games do you want to play here? I am up for all kinds of suggestions ladies! 
I am off to be crafty now! Have a great Sunday.... and Scrap Crazy!
p.s. don't forget about these things going on right now!:
Fathers challenge (winner picks a Cricut Cart)


  1. OOOH! Thank you Sabrina! I'm so excited to win! I enjoyed the game and would love to play something like it again. I also enjoyed the shop at CrazyScraps game (although I didn't actually post an answer) because it was a fun way to get familiar with the store. It might be fun to "hide" something in a post - a hidden link we have to find from a clue or something. Just throwing out ideas! Off to pick a folder!

  2. Congrats Lorus! Way to think outside the box.

    I enjoy games, but that one was just too far outside the box for me though. I just see the obvious & don't take the time to do all that thinking at the end of a long day - lol!

  3. Hi Sabrina! Keep up the games these are fun! I am still a begginer and sometime alittle nervous about posting for challenges. This is a great way to help anyone get over their shyness, so keep up the awesome work!


  4. I somehow missed out on the post with this game, otherwise I would've played along. It looks like it was fun! I vote to plays games like this again in the future!

  5. Jessica, If you want to be notified when a NEW post is made here.... fill out the GOOGLE GROUPS subscription box on the left... It will automatically email you when a new post is made! YIPEE!