Calling ALL beginner Cuttlebug Users!

Welcome to the Cuttlebug Blog. We are excited you have stopped by to visit. So relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy your stay here. We have decided to dedicate this site to beginners! (Seasoned Veterans welcome too!) As I am a beginner Cuttlebug'er I have looked around other blogs and get kind of discouraged by all the very advanced (and fabulous) designs. So I thought to myself, beginners need a place to feel welcome, make mistakes (as I am sure I will ;) and grow with creativity! So lets join together and Create, Inspire , Teach, Grow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cuttlebug Quilling Winner!

OMG! I am so sorry ladies.... this is late posting I know... I have been working long hours and thought that today was Wednesday! OOPS! Guess I don't get a brownie button today... lol ;)

Here is the random number

Jessica Wekenman You are the winner of one Cuttlebug Quilling kit! Congratulations Girl!  Clapping Hands
Email me (under faq) with which kit you would like and your addy! Go to to look at each kit.  Thanx everyone for playing along! Have a great day! Don't forget.... Scrap Crazy!


  1. ? Was the first comment skipped, but included in the total?

  2. OMG! Helen... you are absolutely right! I am such a digbat! Suzann was first on the list and she is part of the dt... so i skipped her... but it is in the count.... You are on it! I promise I will be more careful next time! {{{please forgive me}}}} its been a CRAZY week in my life!

  3. I didn't want to make you feel bad! I could tell it was a crazy week--I completely understand that.