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Welcome to the Cuttlebug Blog. We are excited you have stopped by to visit. So relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy your stay here. We have decided to dedicate this site to beginners! (Seasoned Veterans welcome too!) As I am a beginner Cuttlebug'er I have looked around other blogs and get kind of discouraged by all the very advanced (and fabulous) designs. So I thought to myself, beginners need a place to feel welcome, make mistakes (as I am sure I will ;) and grow with creativity! So lets join together and Create, Inspire , Teach, Grow!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Happy Wednesday everyone!! It has been awhile since we have given anything away so we wanted to fix that!! LOL!
What can you win?? How about one of these? A cuttlebug build a flower die set!!

How can you win??? So easy...tell me what is your favorite flower? For me, it is a peach rose! I just love the smell of roses and love the color of the peach rose..
flowers picture peachroses07.jpg

Winner will be randomly picked and announced on July 24th!! Please leave your email in your post or a way to get in touch with you so if you win I can contact you!

If you haven't done so already..please play along with our monthly challenge! The theme is Stars and Stripes and use some bling! There is still time to enter!!

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  1. My favorite is the Mauve/Purple Mini Orchids. They are hard to find, but so very beautiful.

    My second is the Black Rose, which isn't really black, but stunning in it's look and smell.

    Thank you for the chance to win. I love browsing through this blog, so much to see and learn.


  2. These dies look very interesting. Can't wait to try them out.

    Favourite flower would have to be carnations. They last so long.

    My husband gives me a dozen each anniversary but only 1 of them is a different colour. That 1 that is different is me. It's his way of showing me that I stand out amongst everyone else. Isn't he sweet!

  3. My fave flower is a daisy...I just love the simplicity of them

  4. I love these dies...would love to try them out. My favorite flower is probably the white rose.

  5. Thanks for the chance to win!! I have been wanting this one for awhile. My favorite flower is a calla lilly, I love how strong their stem is. It was my wedding flower.

  6. I love the hibiscus!! It reminds me of my favorite vacation spot!!

    Barb :)

  7. What a neat die set and thanks for the chance. My favorite flowers are Fuchia's! I just love how they have the little Pod and then just POP open and have the most unusual flower and the prettiest color combinations and the hummingbirds just Love them! Theresa
    mccadesmom at gmail dot com

  8. My favorite flower is the pink rose. Love roses because they smell so good and pink is my favorite color.


  9. my favorite flowers are tulips! too bad they only bloom in the spring and not all year round!
    thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Really love African Violets....and I can grow them and not kill them.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  11. I love lilacs! The most coomon in my area are the pale purple ones but we also have some white and dark purple around. I make sure I get some every year from my grandmothers yard for every room in the apt. The smell is wonderful!

    thecreativeprincess at hotmail dot com

  12. My favorite flower is the dandelion. I know, you probably all think I am crazy, but that is the flower my kids would always pick and bring to me and tell me they love me. My kids also loved blowing on them when they would go to seed. I call them Love Flowers and there are a lot of fond memories attached to them. I am excited for the chance to win the flower die set. Thank you so much.

  13. My favorite flower is the lilac. Nothing better than opening up the windows in the spring and letting the smell drift through the house. I just wish they lasted longer....
    I would love to win this set!

  14. My favorite flower is the daisy. They grow wild near my grandmother's cottage and always make me think of her.

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  16. I love begonias! I plant them every year in pots and place them around my deck and front porch. They last all summer and first part of Fall. They are very plump when planted together they make a wonderful looking bouquet. Love your blog, it has wonderful ideas for CBs.

  17. By far my favourite flower is the carnation. So many colours and they last a long time.

    Can't wait to try the new dies.

  18. My favourite flower is the daffodil. I LOVE daffodils!! I love the contrast of the yellow flower against the green stem - and I love that they mean spring has arrived!