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Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekly Inspirations

Good Monday Morning Everyone! Hope your weekend was filled with fun and good weather. The weather here is starting to be very nice. Which I am sooooo thankful for! Well, mostly anyway... I have to pull weeds out of the garden *eewww* I hate that job! :) It's nice to get the veggies tho! Any of you have gardens? What do you plant? Do you do home canning? This year will be my very first home canning experience... DH and I canned some asparagus a couple months ago... we will see how that turns out! Wanna see a pic? It looks beautiful!

MmMmMm... looks yummy...

I will let ya'll know if it is yummy! *giggle*

So, today is Inspiration day... and since the DT is on summer vacations around the globe I thought I would share some beautiful pics with you!
There is a gal on facebook, tho I cannot find her name, that takes the most AMAZING photos. I cruze through her gallery and just get so much inspiration and peace that I wanted to share some with you all!
The Facebook page is PunkinShine Productions. I wonder what these make you all feel? Sunsets and waterfalls are my ultimate joy!

 The name of this pic...."unseen view"
 Don't you wish you were sitting on that bench right now? Peaceful.

This one is called "footprints"
Look at all the contrast in this picture. From almost white in the sand to the green in the ocean, and darkest blue in the sky. Amazing.

This one is called "madison's fall"
This picture is full of wonder for me. I wonder what made her capture this image? I wonder what the building in the reflection actually looks like? I wonder what it would be like to try to scrap a mirrored image?
I wonder?

So... What do you all think or feel? Do you have inspiration to scrap? A favorite memory or a long lost pic that you have just happened upon? Maybe you'll dig out some old photos from your favorite place? Who knows... as for me... I am going into my flower garden and enjoying the peace and quite for a little while!
Thank you PunkinShine Productions for bringing these beautiful images to our eyes. If you all like these... you should head over and check out all the pictures she has posted!

Well thats it for me today everyone! Have a great day and don't forget.... Scrap Crazy!


  1. Oh, your asparagus look great! I love aspargus, and it's so expensive, that's a good one to have in your garden! I hate pulling weeds so much! And they grow as quickly as I pull them! We have a small garden, but my grandparent-in-laws live next door and they do all the big gardening! It's a lot of work, but they enjoy it, and we all love to eat the rewards! Thanks for sharing the pics, they remind me of home! Have fun in your garden today and I do want to know how that asparagus is!

  2. My hubby would be "borrowing" a jar of asparagus! And those pics are absolutely beautiful!