Calling ALL beginner Cuttlebug Users!

Welcome to the Cuttlebug Blog. We are excited you have stopped by to visit. So relax, kick off your shoes and enjoy your stay here. We have decided to dedicate this site to beginners! (Seasoned Veterans welcome too!) As I am a beginner Cuttlebug'er I have looked around other blogs and get kind of discouraged by all the very advanced (and fabulous) designs. So I thought to myself, beginners need a place to feel welcome, make mistakes (as I am sure I will ;) and grow with creativity! So lets join together and Create, Inspire , Teach, Grow!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

R U a BLOG Stalker?

You know who you are! The one that blog hops and looks around but NEVER plays games or comments.  Welcome I say! Come on in and get comfy... grab a coke out of the fridge and kick off your shoes. I figure if you don't like games or free stuff you might as well be comfortable while stalking.  We have a lot of activities here at the CBB. Challenges- meaning you have to ACTUALLY do something. Giveaways- which I will admit you usually have to put forth effort for those too. But sometimes.... only sumtimes tho.... I give random comments a prize.  Just 'cuz ... I {{{{HEART}}}} Comments! A comment- thats it! .... really... that is a NO EFFORT prize! Don't be scared stalker... all of the Cuttlebug'ers welcome YOU! Even if you can't mumble out any actual words.... just leave a smile :) and be on your way!

UH OH!..... I feel a NO EFFORT prize coming..... Hum..... let me be my own stalker.... brb!

I found a NON-stalker YAY!  This is what she said:  "These are great!"  Yep... thats it... but it just won her a prize! 
Thank You embossing folder!

Cropping Canuck its U girl! Email me with your addy and we'll send you this! Thanx for leaving some love!

So..... ALL of you stalkers out there.... Be a Cuttlebug'er... cuz..... well.... we love friends!

Have a great day everyone and as always Scrap Crazy!
Psst... Stalkers.... don't forget to become a follower while your stalking... cuz I get to give a "big" prize away at 200 followers... and look over there.... we are at 157... not too much farther to go!


  1. I'm already a follower - but I don't comment very often. Just thought I'd let you know I do read your blog!

  2. It is always nice to know that the blog is being read! I love the blog stalker stuff~ very fun to read!

  3. I do love my cuttlebug machine.

  4. I just have to say, I am a follower--I found your blog not that long ago...but, this post made me laugh!!

    I think your work is great, by the way!
    Thanks for making me laugh!
    Also have you seen how to use your embossing folders with ink? This one is done with a Big Shot, but it can be done with a Cuttlebug!

  5. Pink Cricut, Yes I actually just saw an inking video like that the other day... was going to do a post here for instructions on that! LOL Thanx for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much Sabrina! I got my folder yesterday and I can't wait to play!