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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilling Kits info

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone! Did you sleep well? I slept like a rock... boy do I feel it this morning... my whole body aches!
I feel like we have gotten into a rutt over here at the CB blog and I am hoping to change that. ( just a little)
I am still going to have the monthly challenges but I will be adding a challenge here and there, maybe some trivia about crafting, or just general information. I need all the feedback I can get from everyone as these changes occur, so let me know if you like the change... or absolutely hate it!

Did you notice I put an "about me" page at the top of the blog? This is where you can get to know me a little better. Have a question? Just ask. Weather it’s here or by email I love questions!

Soooo... I opened my email this morning and found this:

Hi there,

I want to get the cuttlebug quilling folders but I cannot figure out what plate combination I need to use them. Can you help me out? I have scoured the internet and I can hardly find anything out about them!
Thanks a ton for your help! I hope it's ok to ask! You guys seem like the authority.
OMG! CBB is the AUTHORITY? I love love love this! So because I really didn't know what plate combination to use....BUT I did just get a Quilling Kit in the mail... I broke it out and figured out the answer! Sweet, right!
Here's the deal: You would think that A and 2 B plates would work... but nope! So this is what worked for me

A plate on the bottom

then B plate (use your plate that is most marked up from cutting dies. You know the ugly one.)

then put your cardstock and die on

 Then use C plate!

See the inch of space at the top of the plates? I pulled the paper and die down a little to get the plates in the machine. I was having a hard time passing it through until I did this.

Turns out perfect!
NOTE: if you are using very thick paper this sandwich will be tight. (be carful not to break your machine)

Psst.... Having a hard time finding the extension plate A or B? Try here:

Hope this helps Lolly and everyone else too! Have a great day everyone!

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