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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Disney Scrapbooking Inspiration & Ideas

ASK and Ye Shall Recieve!  So a few posts back I asked you all what you would like to see here at the CBB! We had some great ideas that we are trying to get accomplished to share with you all.  In that post someone said they would like to see more Disney scrapbooking inspiration & Ideas. Today I want to start a project and have you all create it with me. I want to build a mural for my nephew and niece's room. Sounds like fun huh! So I started with the center piece and now I need you all to help decide what comes next!

Disney Scrapbooking inspiration & Ideas mural

Click on the pics for more detail

So what do you think about my Disney Scrapbooking inspiration & Ideas? Cute start huh! I used Mickey and Friends Cricut Cartridge, Cuttlebug Herringbone embossing folder on Mickey and his star, and I used the Love Language embossing folder on Minnie and her heart! I cut them out at 10 Inches and the star and heart at 6!

Okay.... What should I do next? This is what I was thinking.... (oh... watch out this could be dangerous! *giggle*)
 I could do cuts of goofy, pluto, donald, daisy, car, house, tree, fence? I also have Pooh and friends with pooh, tigger, eyore, piglet, rabbit. And I have Tinkerbell cartridge. And I have Carz cricut cartridge.
So this is the problem... I don't know what to do next. Like I said I want it to be a Mural type project. So should I do ALL of the characters or just a couple from each cart? My my my what have I gotten myself into?  I Need your help... so don't leave me hangin'!
I will post about this mural project once a week so you can see how the project is coming along and how your suggestions have helped. (ahm.......if I get too excited about something... you may see 2 or 3 posts a week *wink*)

K everyone... I can't wait to hear what your ideas are... Have a great day.... and as always SCRAP CRAZY!

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  1. Super Cute.. are you just using paper for them? I vote tinkerbell

  2. This is quite an undertaking. I think you should go with your fave from each cart. Good luck. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

    Emily C

  3. Anonymous,
    Yes I am just using paper. When I am finished creating I will take all the pieces and get them laminated.
    Yes... I do realize I have gotten myself in quite a big project. But The kids will love it! I am very excited!
    Thanx for your comments!

  4. Have fun!! I can't wait to follow this!! I say maybe do some border maybe one wall that has like grass and the characters with it..then the other wall maybe water themed...

  5. I LOVE DISNEY! So I think this is great. I would suggest you finish the main Mickey group and yes do the houses and trees. Make it a whole theme. Once you finish Mickey and friends. Go to the next wall and start with Pooh or Cars or Tinkerbell. I personally have Disney in every room of my house. So have fun!! I LOVE IT!

  6. I think more of Mickey & Minnie's friends. I was thinking about the house & car from that cart too.

  7. I agree with the thought of the houses, borders etc. You could certainly make an entire "Disney Village" What a really fun idea!